Women persist, rescuers need support, artists go independent, and I go on television (and more)

Front Page, week of Oct. 2, 2021

Community, students, demonstrate for reproductive freedom

Around 70 marchers crossed the Portage Lake Lift Bridge

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When the rescuers need support

Mental Health and Support, Part Six

Search and rescue operations have been happening with increasing regularity in recent years. When SAR workers and other responders are on the scene, they need to keep both the search subject’s, and their own, mental condition in mind.

And when the worst happens, those that tried to do the rescuing sometimes need additional support themselves.

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Local clay artists strike out independently

Art's Corner by Miriam Pickens

Bill Thompson took the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to launch Copper Island Clay Works with his wife Sherri. Learn about their story and check out some of their work in this spotlight article from Miriam Pickens.

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Announcing our future name!

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Hancock's Tori Market wraps up a successful year

Multiple booth operators report regularly selling out of product in 2021

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Appearance on COVID-19 Town Hall

I was honored to be invited to appear next to several experts on Michigan Tech’s Health Research Institute series of COVID-19 Town Hall events this week!

Above is the full video, or you can click here to skip to the part where I give my short presentation. I focused on two things that happened in the past that have put some journalistic responsibilities into news consumer’s hands, the culmination of which is the current misinformation pandemic.

The entire series is really informative and gives in-depth information and regular updates about the ongoing situation surrounding COVID-19. Highly recommended. The series is also aired live on 97.7 The Wolf and will be re-aired on ABC10, Sunday at noon.

Oktoberfest event planned for Oct. 9 in South Range

All the information I have on this I got from this photo I grabbed while out on a walk:

Breakfast, family and kids’ games in the park, live music, and KBC Brewery open house, all planned for Oct. 9. There doesn’t seem to be much more information out there but keep an eye on South Range’s Facebook page.

Church undertakes preservation of 130-year-old windows

You probably noticed the lane closure next to Grace United Lutheran Church. I talked briefly with Pastor Eric Falker, and he shared that they’ve been working on their stained glass windows this summer. They’re about 130 years old. Among the work the church had done, some of the supports were redone, and this week new protective outer coverings were being installed. There’s more information, and some great photos, available on the church website, hgumc.org.

Volunteer efforts turn pink hydrants red again

Gavin Simonson (left) and Jason Goodwin, both students at Finlandia University, were part of a group of volunteers repainting the City of Hancock fire hydrants on Wednesday. While they’re often referred to as being “pink”, Simonson said that this particular hydrant was “almost white”.

Free COVID-19 antigen testing and vaccination clinics announced

From the Western Upper Peninsula Health Department:

WUPHD announces that it has partnered with the Michigan National Guard to provide weekly free community-wide COVID-19 antigen testing and vaccination sites at several locations in the health district. The free clinics begin this week and run through the month of October.

Clinic locations include:

Wednesdays at the Ontonagon Village Fire Hall, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST

Thursdays, at 821 Water Street, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST

Moderna and J&J vaccines will be available at all clinics. Pfizer vaccine is available on a limited basis; please call your local health department office for more information. Booster information will be shared once final recommendations are received from MDHHS.

Pre-registration is not required, and participants do not need insurance, a prescription or a doctor’s order to be tested. Participants are encouraged to wear a mask and bring a driver’s license or other photo ID.

Other News (aggregated, not sponsored)

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Public voices input on parking deck redevelopment

By Jesse Wiederhold, Upper Michigan Source

Because I’m stretched across several municipalities, I’m not likely going to be able to cover each of these public engagements. Luckily, I’m not the only reporter in town.

Officials: 2 arrested in separate COVD-19 card fraud cases

The Associated Press

It may not seem like a big deal to some, but the fact is that it’s falsifying a federal document. It’s not much different than say, falsifying immigration papers. It’s not a small crime.

AP FACT CHECK: GOP claim of broken Biden pledge not so clear

By Josh Boak and Christopher Rugaber, The Associated Press

Normally I share NOT REAL NEWS, which focuses on misinformation being spread online, but the AP also has this series that focuses on the lies and misleading statements of politicians and other public figures. This one is interesting because it’s a pretty fine point that they’re making in the tax law.